Corporate Social Responsibility

Our dedication to exemplary corporate citizenship is not only a key element of Saitech Inc.’s corporate culture, but it also helps to drive our business success. Our customers trust that we uphold strong ethics and values.

All our employees take pride in Saitech Inc.’s contributions as a socially responsible organization. They demonstrate their support for our global programs and enable us to continuously improve upon our efforts. Through their support and actions, our employees ensure Saitech Inc. maintains a safe, positive, and ethical work environment supports local communities and respects the environment.

Saitech Inc. has a values-based management model in place for many years. We have built on this strong foundation and support ERAI’s Code of Conduct.

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Business partners

  • We must perform effective due diligence to know who we are working with.
  • All Business Partner’s activities must be compatible with our Code of Business Conduct, and must comply with all US and local applicable laws.
  • Payments or discounts must be reasonable and documented accurately.
  • Agreements should be in place and should communicate our expectations and the penalty for violation.
  • We are responsible for monitoring the activities of the Business Partners we work with, training Business Partners as appropriate and reporting any questionable activity.
  • We protect other companies’ information, including suppliers pricing information that is sensitive, private or confidential just as carefully as we protect our own.

Community Service

We serve society by providing life-enhancing products and services at a fair price, and by actively supporting the communities in which we operate. Saitech Inc. and employees throughout the world provide generous financial and voluntary support to worthwhile community programs.

We support the following Organizations Worldwide:
We’re interested in your feedback. Whether you are an employee, supplier or customer, if you have questions, we appreciate your feedback.
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