Global Supply Chain Management

In today’s day and age, businesses need to be flexible and innovative when expanding their business models globally. Saitech Inc. has been leading the competition in expanding the diversity of its customers, suppliers, and partners.

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Saitech manages an extensive international supply chain of IT parts which it can use to search for the products you need. We maintain relations in a diverse global network of suppliers and partners which enables us to access a large supply chain of computer components. This is a product of promoting supplier diversity as one of our core values.

We’ve been certified to do business with Asian and Indian Subcontinent markets by USPAAC. Under the US / Canada Joint Program and CAMSC, we have established relations in Canada and in the US Government. This international networking capability has attracted customers from around the globe to use our services. Saitech Inc. has made it a top priority to deliver the best value and superior service to each and every one of those customers.