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APC Trade-UPS program with Saitech Inc. Renew an old UPS with a new one at a discounted rate!

Updated on April 4, 2017

APC Trade Ups

Saitech Inc. is promoting the APC Trade-UPS Program!  Trade in your old UPS regardless of brand, for a new SinglePhase UPS with minimum 2 year warranty.  Some of the highlights of this awesome deal:  Up to a 25% discount on new APC UPS.  Trade in your old UPS, regardless of brand and working condition and receive 25% discount on your new purchase with Saitech Inc.  Up to 30% discount on APC accessories including extended warranties along with your Trade-UPS.  Upgrade up to four times the VA of your current UPS capacity or trade in two UPSs for one larger unit.  As an added green ecological conscience environment, proper disposal of returned UPSs and batteries for FREE.  All old units including hazardous UPS batteries, returned to APC will be properly disposed according to the EPA standards ($5 to $500 value depending on the UPS).

For any questions and inquiries please contact Erwin at toll free (877) 440-0256.

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