What are Barebone Servers?

Updated on January 12, 2015

If we are talking about a barebone computer then it is nothing but a partially assembled platform or an unassembled kit of computer parts allowing more customization and lower costs than a retail computer system. They are available for various purpose like server purposes, desktop computer, notebook, and in nearly any form factor. Manufacturers are also able to produce systems of a specialized or non-standard form factor, since the system is sold as a pre-built unit, with the motherboard and power supply already.

Barebone System

Barebones servers are perfect for those customers who don’t want to worry about compatibility of motherboard/cpu. They are in fact a partially built server and the only missing components are CPU, Hard Drives and RAM. Once we have these parts the installation time is significantly less than if you attempted to assemble the system yourself. A wide range of barebone servers can be supplied by Saitech Inc, just let us know your requirements!


Barebone servers have a wide selection of models, including rackmount and tower/pedestal models.

Supermicro manufactures barebones to allow to the customers to take advantage from all sizes like 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and Mid-Tower systems.

The most famous, reliable and high-end brands of barebone computers are Super micro, PCI Case, Asus and more.

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