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Biwin CPA25MS1210-032 PATA SSD

Updated on October 31, 2013

Biwin CPA25MS1210-032 32GB MLC PATA 2.5-Inch Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) could be the next best solution to achieve a performance boost in your IT equipment. This can save you from doing a complete overhaul of your system. Advancements and improvements of solid state drive technology has pushed SSDs so far ahead of traditional spinning hard drives that the read, write, transfer, and access time performances of SSDs have doubled, tripled, and/or even almost quadrupled the speed of traditional hard drives. We have seen SSD access times reach up to 100X faster than traditional hard drives. Solid state drives have now taken the spotlight in the IT market, pushing aside traditional spinning hard drives.



The Biwin CPA25MS1210-032 solid state drive is PATA / IDE compatible, perfect for older IT hardware that don’t come with the SATA interface. It’s the perfect solution for those of you seeking better performance and those of you who want to avoid the hassle of locating and spending extra money on the SATA-to-PATA converter solutions in the market. The Biwin CPA25MS1210-032 comes with 32GB of storage space. It’s the perfect size to store your operating system and all your essential applications. In doing so, computer boot times and application loading times will see a significant decrease. Some users report that their IT systems boot under 10 seconds or less, that’s lightning fast compared to users with traditional hard drives that can see their boot times degrade overtime as more data is stored to a 1 minute or longer.

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The Biwin CPA25MS1210-032 SSD is an Industrial Grade solid state drive, meaning this SSD has higher quality NAND memory with high rated endurance. The write endurance for this model is rated at >8years @ ( half of total capacity ) write/ day. If you do the math, that’s writing 16GB per day for a total of 46,720GB! Most consumers might not even see 10% of the daily rated write endurance on a daily basis. As an added feature, the drive comes with an enhanced BCH ECC engine that ensures highly reliable data transfer and increases your systems energy efficiency. Another factor to account for in system reliability is that solid state drives don’t have any physical moving components inside. This makes it much less susceptible to mechanical failure due to vibrations.

Other features to note about on this hard drive is the: flash management algorithm, static and dynamic wear-leveling, bad block management algorithm. These are management features that help improve the longevity of your solid state drive. Unlike hard disk drives, SSDs cannot rewrite over existing data, old data must be erased before new data can be written. The flash memory in SSDs are divided into blocks, which is further divided into pages. Data can be written into an empty page, but only whole blocks can be erased. To write over the invalid data in a block, all the valid data must be separated into another block. The original block with invalid data can now be wiped clean and written with new data. Garbage collection is the term for the process of relocating existing data to new locations and allowing the surrounding invalid data to be erased.

The bolded features above help to increase the endurance of your Biwin CPA25MS1210-032 PATA solid state drive. Wear-leveling manages your SSD memory controller to promote even erase/write usage on individual flash cells. The flash management and bad block management algorithms are similar to the TRIM feature. Normally without these features, performance of SSDs would degrade overtime as cell blocks were used up. When SSDs need to overwite previously used pages, it starts a cycle known as a write amplification phenomenon. It creates a read-erase-modify-write cycle that causes increased wear of the flash cells in the SSD. Like TRIM, these features comes in and reduces a number of those cycles by telling the memory controller what to relocate and what not to during garbage collection.

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CPA25MS1210-032 Specifications

Model Number:  CPA25MS1210-032
Type:Solid State Drive
Manufacturer Part Number:CPA25MS1210-032


● Form factor: 100.0mm×70.0mm×9.5mm(L×W×H)

● Interface standard: 44-pin IDE/ATA interface

● Input voltage: +5.0V (±5%)

● Commercial operating temperature range from 0 to +70℃

● Flash management algorithm: static and dynamic wear-leveling, bad block management algorithm

● Supports dynamic power management and SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)

● ECC (Error Correction Code ): Enhanced configurable BCH ECC engine

● Write endurance: >8years @ ( half of total capacity ) write/ day

● Read endurance: unlimited

● Data retention: 10 years

● MTBF:2,000,000 Hours

● Performance

-External Transfer Rate (Host Transfer Rate):133MB/s

-Sequential Read/ Write: -Up to 106/49 MB/S

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