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Saitech Inc., NDIA partner supporting United States national defense industry

Updated on May 10, 2022

As a leading tech company in providing unmatched, high efficiency and cutting edge IT solutions to the government and notable and reputable companies. Saitech sees it as a worthy privilege and an obligation to exchange and contribute valuable knowledge and information for the advancement of our country’s national defense. Saitech is keen to provide high-performance IT solutions to our national defense and security to put them at the forefront of the world. Hence Saitech understands how important the security and protection of our nation is to the rendering of our services, to every citizen of the United States of America, and our valuable customers.

At Saitech, we understand our role hence our association with the NDIA.

You may wonder what NDIA means. Here is a simple but useful explanation for you.

What is NDIA?

NDIA is the short-term for the National Defense Industrial Association. Founded in 1919, it is a platform that brings together government officials, industry, and academia for the provision of valuable solutions to help boost the national security and defense needs of the nation.

The NDIA promotes strategic national security discussion by identifying major challenges and addressing them with the knowledge and experience of its military, government, business, and academic members.

The mission of the NDIA

  • Champions issues that contribute to the defense industrial base’s strength, resilience, and capacity.
  • To help defense and national security create a vibrant, responsive, and collaborative community.
  • Organize legal and ethical forums for the sharing of ideas, information, point of view, and abilities.

6 Strategic Priorities of NDIA.

  • Budget Stability and promotion
  • Encourage the growth of small businesses
  • Boost Acquisition Agility and Modernize Regulatory Compliance
  • Encourage technological and process innovation
  • Expansion of interoperability and security cooperation
  • Assist in the development of the defense industrial base and workforce by serving as a thought leader

Saitech: a member of the National Defense Industrial Association.

Saitech a selfless and remarkable company whose solutions are always customers oriented is a proud member of the National Defense Industrial Association.

It is a reputable IT solutions provider company that is fully dedicated and always reiterates its full support for the objectives of the association.

At Saitech we understand how important bringing the best and latest technologies to our valued customers is. Hence our long-time relationship with the NDIA which comes with knowledge exchange to be up to date in technology development so we can offer you quality services.

Benefits of NDIA Membership


At national and local events, form positive relationships with customers, government leaders, your workers, and industry partners.

Exclusive Member-Only Events:

Participate in and present at invitation-only webinars and policy events focusing on new requirements and the most critical issues confronting the defense industrial base.


Participate in our Divisions and Chapters, as well as our Emerging Technologies and Business Institutes, to collaborate with your peers on NDIA Connect, our private members-only online discussion forum.

Registration with a discount:

Reduced costs and first-come, first-served registration are available at over 100 annual industry meetings, conferences, and events held by NDIA and our Affiliates.


Our e-newsletters, reports, and award-winning magazine keep you up to date on the latest issues, policies, legislation, and laws affecting your business.


Make use of NDIA’s voice and clout to inform decision-makers and build policy around sector needs and capabilities.

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