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Causes of Data Breaches

Updated on March 2, 2018



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 A new study finds file security gaps in financial services industry.

IT leaders say that their security policies and technology covers file sharing, but they are still susceptible to breaches:

  • 90% say their security policy covers file sharing.
  • 74% had a breach, or weren’t sure if they had or not.
  • 65% are not certain that their security plan for unstructured data meets regulatory requirements

Reported Causes:

  • Accidental sharing of sensitive documents
  • Attacks/hacks
  • Use of personal devices for corporate use
  • Use of File sharing solutions
  • Security, lost, stolen, or insecure devices
  • Internal Leaks

Most people agree that email is not a secure way to send files:

  • 28% say a file sharing mistake caused the data breach
  • 37% say that employees using unapproved systems or not are not sure
  • 20% say that breaches are due to the use of personal and software devices
  • 18% reported a breach due to lost stolen or unsecured devices

80% of respondents said that companies still stick to snail mail to send sensitive documents due to these issues.

***Information and statistics originally from BlueBerry.

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