In today’s digital age, businesses rely on cutting-edge technology for seamless operations. At Saitech Inc., we understand the evolving needs of businesses and strive to be your trusted partner in delivering comprehensive IT solutions. We would like to introduce you to a world of efficiency, innovation, and reliability in document management and beyond.

Leading Brands, One Solution:

Saitech Inc. is your gateway to a diverse range of IT solutions, including printing and scanning solutions. We proudly resell products from renowned brands like Xerox, HP, Fujitsu, Brother, Epson, Zebra Technologies, and Lexmark. This means you have access to world-class printing and scanning solutions, all under one roof.

Xerox: Unmatched Printing Excellence

Xerox is synonymous with quality and innovation in document management. Our partnership with Xerox allows us to offer an extensive range of color and black-and-white printers, multifunction systems, photocopiers, digital production equipment, and related consulting services and supplies. Count on Xerox for excellence in printing.

HP: World-Class Technology

HP is a global leader in technology solutions, and Saitech Inc. is proud to offer their world-class printing solutions. But we don’t stop at printers. HP’s rugged, reliable computers, servers, and workstations are also available through Saitech Inc., providing you with a complete technology package.

Fujitsu: Scanning and Printing Precision

Fujitsu is known for its world-class scanners and printers. When it comes to document clarity and precision, Fujitsu delivers it all. With Saitech Inc., you can access Fujitsu’s top-tier scanning and printing solutions, ensuring your documents are of the highest quality.

Brother, Epson, Zebra Technologies, Lexmark: Versatile Choices

Our product lineup extends beyond printing and scanning. Saitech Inc. offers a diverse range of products from Brother, Epson, Zebra Technologies, and Lexmark. From printers, all-in-ones, scanners & fax machines to labeling systems and industrial garment printers, we have the tools your business needs.

Beyond Printing and Scanning:

While printing and scanning are at the heart of document management, Saitech Inc. goes beyond. We provide solutions tailored for network environments, on-demand printing solutions for business efficiency and security applications.

Saitech Inc. is your one-stop shop for IT solutions that drive business efficiency and innovation. Whether you need top-notch printing and scanning solutions or a wide range of IT products, our partnership with leading brands ensures you have access to the best technology.

Contact us today to explore how Saitech Inc. can transform your business with our diverse range of IT solutions. Elevate your efficiency and innovation with us as your trusted IT partner.

SLAC and Saitech Inc.     Supermicro and Saitech Inc.



Saitech Inc. has fulfilled Supermicro computers for scientists at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park, CA.  These Configure-to-Order (CTO’s) Supermicro computers were on strict specifications as per the scientists and engineers request.

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Why be a business partner with Saitech Inc? There are numerous benefits to doing business with us.

Benefits to you include:

  • You will experience timely responses.
  • You can reduce your product development time.
  • You can reduce your company’s product lead time
  • You can reduce your capitol loss.
  • You will receive genuine products from us certified through our counterfeit detection techniques.
  • You will be using quality products.
  • You reap the benefits of the services of our specialists for legacy, obsolete, spare computer parts

Here at Saitech Inc, our workers strive to provide fast response times to any of your inquiries so you won’t have to experience delays.  As a result of our fast business practices, our company can help you reduce your product lead time in replacing products in your systems. This goes with reducing your product development time as well because we work to send your product to you as quickly as possible.

Does your company warehouse contain large quantities of extra/spare products? Contact us. Products that don’t sell is a loss of capitol for you, so by doing business with us, we can lower your company’s capitol loss by take those products off your hands. We provide excess materials management for many companies.

ERAIUsing our membership at ERAI, we have numerous resources at our disposal for detecting counterfeit, high-risk, and faulty computer parts so you don’t have to risk dealing with them. By using ERAI services in our transactions, we can prevent financial loss on both sides. Each product goes through stringent testing procedures to insure it is of good quality.


Having trouble looking for a legacy computer part? Come to us. We specialize in global IT parts searching for hard to find, legacy, EOL, and obsolete computer components. Our extensive in-stock inventory may already contain what you may be looking for. A business partner of Saitech Inc. enjoys great benefits from the superior services of Saitech Inc. If you haven’t started working with us today, there’ s no better time than now!