Super Computing project executed at the DOE (LBNL) labs worth over half million dollars

Updated on September 22, 2020

Department of Energy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory had recent updates in regards to their data center at NERSC and their Cyber Security campus team.  The purpose of the updates executed this year (based on the half-million-dollar budget with 5% savings) the hardware will support in the following primary task order in, climate modeling, research into new materials, simulations of the early universe, analysis of data from high energy physics experiments, investigations of protein structure, and a host of other scientific endeavors and disciplines. Saitech Inc.’s strong working relationship with NERSC and providing an excellent track record in keeping the task under budget and with the intended parameters of the research labs analytical discoveries and data crunching.  In addition to research making sure all LBNL’s data is secure for all scientists and researchers across the nation and the world to be highly accessible and securely.

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