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GSA Scheduled Dealer Agreement

Saitech Inc is excited to announce a GSA Scheduled Dealer Agreement with a Synnex, one of the top US Distributor of IT hardware companies. We are authorized to sell products on behalf of Synnex. With the GSA Scheduled Dealer Agreement, they have more control over establishing the transaction details and pricing of products through our company. Read more below for a more thorough explanation.

General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule No: GS-35F-0143R

Visit our GSA Schedule Dealer Agreement page to view contracts.

Use of GSA Schedules for Selling Products under Participating Dealer Agreements

GSA schedule program is designed to accommodate almost any type of commercial sales practice including teaming, reselling, and multi-layered distribution systems. Our focus this week is on products sold by resellers. Your business might elect to use resellers for a number of reasons such as (i) your product is a component of a larger system or larger product, (ii) your commercial sales are made through resellers, and/or (iii) your company’s budget doesn’t allow for a direct sales force.

Participating Dealer Agreements (PDA’s) are an effective mechanism to allow Saitech Inc to resell your products while the Distributor maintain control of your GSA pricing. A PDA is the written agreement between your company and the reseller that formalizes the business deal between the two parties. A PDA generally provides that the reseller will sell your product at the government-approved prices in your GSA schedule. The PDA establishes the sum the reseller will be paid for selling your product (usually as a percentage of the sale price of the product). The agreement also addresses order processing, invoicing, and payment procedures.

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A PDA works best when a business holds its own GSA schedule and then uses multiple resellers to sell its products. A company that holds a GSA schedule can control its pricing and still retain the flexibility to strike deals with a number of resellers. Since each reseller your company works with may sell in a different federal market, the market for your products is greatly expanded. However, companies who work with multiple resellers often experience administrative headaches with respect to monitoring product pricing issues. Such headaches are nonexistent if your company is on the GSA schedule and enters into a PDA with a reseller since the prices are established by the schedule and are the same with respect to each reseller.

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