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High Value Hard To Find Parts

Updated on April 19, 2021

Many people looking for a hard to find part are looking for major bargain thinking that this part is so obsolete, little do they know that some of the parts we carry are so hard to find, you won’t find them anywhere in the world. Secondly, the cost of these parts to us is very high.

Sewing Machine showing a hard to find FD235HS1111.
Many components like floppy disk drives, hard drives, etc are not just used in old computers that no one uses. For example the Teac FD235HS1111 floppy disk drive is used in industrial applications such as this sewing machine. Teac makes the best of the best for floppy disk drives, much like Plextor made the best cd rom drives. Here’s an example of another industrial application made from 3 Teac floppy disk drives.

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