Aerospace and Defense IT

NASA Mission Control Center

Aerospace IT systems are designed to last a long time, beyond the scope of the manufacturing life of the equipment. This will run into problems down the road when they will require maintenance or repair of their computer systems because the matching component is no longer in production and will be hard to find.

DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages) dictates several concerns that systems designs that may be encountered in Aerospace IT. The first concern is obsolescence, as newer technology is continuously developed, support for repairing older technology becomes outdated and unsupported. The second concern is that the availability of the components drops as fewer are produced due to demand. The last concern is that the materials required to manufacture the components will no longer be available.

Saitech has worked closely with NAGC members to procure products that they could no longer find through their regular channels. When a product is truly unavailable, we will take into consideration the original specifications and design restrictions of the product’s environment and provide and source recommended replacement products to you.

As a government technology provider, Saitech can accept all Government, Educational, and Fortune 500 purchase orders and all Major Credit Cards. Net terms are also offered and approved the same day. We can ship to the APO / FPO address via the US Postal Service.

Saitech Inc. is a registered supplier in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) of the SAM database.

Saitech is an approved member of the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP).

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