Government and Education

The US economy has placed a large burden on the government and education systems. They’re always facing budget issues, rising energy costs, ever-evolving needs in education. Faced with all these pending costs, any bits of savings that the government can afford would be greatly appreciated. Saitech Inc. has the resources to provide such a benefit to the government and education systems regarding their computer systems.

Many of their computer systems are still operating on legacy technology. When these systems age and the system parts become nonoperational, Saitech will find working parts to replace them. We are connected to an international network of suppliers who will know where to locate hard-to-find and obsolete computer components. Thus they won’t have to spend a hefty amount overhauling their entire IT infrastructure because they could not locate a replacement component.

As a government technology provider, Saitech can accept all Government, Educational, and Fortune 500 purchase orders and all Major Credit Cards. Net terms are also offered and approved the same day. We can ship to the APO / FPO address via the US Postal Service.

Saitech Inc. is a registered supplier in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) of the SAM database.

The White House