Product design life cycles can become a large hassle when it comes to maintenance down the road. Maintenance procedures will often require only certified components and peripherals as in adherence to the product design.  At the current rate of technology development, legacy and end-of-life OEM, CM, and ODM technologies are losing support and becoming harder to find in your regular supply channels.

It’s expensive and time consuming to overhaul, test, and certify a new product design. Therefore, it is much more efficient to maintain a resource that makes this end-of-life or obsolete OEM, CM, and ODM products available to you for as long as possible.

Saitech has the resources to fulfill that role for you. Our vast network of diverse suppliers allows us to find and source OEM, CM, and ODM parts from around the world. If you or your partner has legacy maintenance issues, we offer procurement services to locate legacy parts according to your needs and requirements.