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Intel Data Center Blocks (Intel DCB) – Solutions & Services

Updated on May 5, 2021

Intel Data Center Blocks - Intel DCB Solutions

Intel Data Center Blocks are purpose built, fully validated server systems that can help partners accelerate time to market with innovative server solutions built with the latest technology. In addition to predefined configurations, Intel will also build servers to your specifications from a list of validated components optimizing the performance and costs when a more custom system is needed.

Read this post about the Intel Data Center Blocks which are server building blocks designed to target specific segments, including cloud, networking, HPC and business. Intel Data Center Blocks (Intel DCB) are purpose built, fully validated server systems.

  • How are Intel’s Data Center Blocks help you deliver better service?
  • Is Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud is the only way to remain competitive?
  • Benefits of Intel’s Data Center Blocks
  • What services do we offer?

Intel Data Center Blocks – An Introduction

Intel’s Data Center Blocks serve as the big servers designed to execute specific tasks. The tasks can include cloud, networking, HPC, and business application processing.

Intel Data Center Blocks - Intel DCBThe purpose-built high configuration data blocks speeds up the processing of the applications, drives innovation, and improve customer satisfaction.

Before we implement these big systems, the questions arise:

  • Why should I get a customized service for my business application that is not complex?
  • How scalability and flexibility vary to configure data center blocks and affect the overall performance?
  • Will intel provide an ongoing configuration setting support after purchasing the server?
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This post contains the answer to these questions along with the need for the data center blocks and their use, especially in the cloud environment.

Intel’s Data Center Blocks Help Delivering Customizable Solutions

intel cloud architecture

These servers are configured to order (CTO) to give you a custom system that is ready for deployment to deliver a precise service. They reduce complexity and speed time with complete validation. They are purpose-built systems featuring Intel processors, server boards, chassis, SSDs, accelerators with a high-scale memory.

The advancement to the Data Center Blocks family enables a significant advancement in agility and scalability for HPC, cloud, and business workloads.

You can confidently buy these data blocks and implement them to build scalable applications. However, security has become a prime factor to configure these systems with utmost care. Therefore, looking for a reliable supplier is a necessity, not a choice.

Today cloud is the ultimate panacea, and the ultimate solution to run future applications. Around 60% of all IT workloads will run in the cloud by next year, predicts 451 Research. And by 2024, expect Intel to have approximately 80% of workloads that will run on cloud architectures. (Cloudy forecast)

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Intel Data Center Blocks Solutions

A hard fact is that everything can’t be moved to the cloud. So, here are the four factors that will help you decide:

  • Levels of uptime, performance, and availability measures
  • Levels of response times acceptable by end-users
  • Cost and performance
  • Time to upload workloads

While you decide to move to the cloud, the above factors help you assist in choosing the right platform.

Intel Data Center Block Types

Depending on the factors there are mainly three options in the market:

Intel Data Center Blocks for HCB

These are optimized solutions for price and performance while significantly reducing the evaluation time. Specifically, they combine Intel Xeon scalable processor platform, Intel SSD, and Intel Ethernet Network Adapters to empower enterprises to quickly harness a reliable, comprehensive solution.

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They organize future needs to un-advanced applications, achieve excellent TCO, and provide rarely available software and infrastructure.

Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud

They are designed to accelerate cloud deployments. They include certified systems for market-leading ISV software like Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Computing, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, and Vmware vSAN.

These servers provide breakthrough performance for high-speed networking and I/O.

Intel Data Center Blocks for Business

This category is designed to cater to the need of business IT. You can choose from 1U, 2U, and pedestal systems depending on the business needs.

They offer onsite break-fix support, parts delivery, and rework/repair for intel servers.

Benefits of Intel Data Center Blocks

It is a well-known fact that Intel is a world-class company known for its expertise in hardware manufacturing and service. When it comes to providing server equipment, the data center blocks are one of the elite collections. Some of the benefits include:

Unmatched Performance and Price — Independent Arrow analysis shows trusted Intel build quality and components come at the most competitive industry price.

Pre-Built and Configure-to-Order — Options Intel’s unbranded DCBs provide options for custom appliance branding through the Arrow integration center and are supported by our global Arrow team.

Validated and Certified — A multitude of software and cloud solutions are available (including Nutanix, VMware, Microsoft, and more). They can be installed, configured, and tested to your specifications by the Global Services team.

Latest Intel Technologies offers first-to-market options, such as Intel Optane and Second-Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.

Highest Compute Density — Intel’s thermal design provides the highest compute density in the industry (up to 140 watts) and more performance in less space compared to the competition.

Intel Data Center Block Solutions – Enterprise Cloud

Intel offers you the option to purchase a certified solution or work with a customized unique solution.

Intel Data Center Blocks for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

Work seamlessly together to deliver the latest technology, validated by Intel and certified by Nutanix, streamline paths to market, and provide a simplified solution to help build businesses.

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2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, scalable Intel Data Center Blocks for Cloud — Microsoft Windows Server 2019

An unbranded comprehensive, validated, and tested system that embraces the latest technologies to accelerate cloud and software-defined storage deployments.

Intel Data Center Blocks with the Veeam Availability Suite

It delivers availability for ALL workloads — virtual, physical, and cloud from a single management console. Veeam Availability Suite helps organizations meet today’s service-level and data center availability objectives for the growing enterprise.

2nd Generation Intel Xeon processor, scalable IntelData Center Blocks for Cloud — VMware vSAN ReadyNode

It offers a validated, cost-effective, software-defined storage solution tailored for scenarios that require outstanding performance.

Intel Data Center Blocks & Quest Qorestor Solution

It offers data protection software of choice, backups can be significantly accelerated while reducing backup storage by more than 95%. With QoreStor, data protection costs are lowered and the return on your IT investment is maximized by leveraging virtually any storage hardware.

Veritas – Enterprise Data Protection

The power of Intel Data Center Blocks with Veritas NetBackup will protect the largest and most demanding multi-cloud and data center environments. NetBackup delivers breakthrough capabilities for virtualized and cloud-based deployments that go well beyond what traditional backup practices can achieve.

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Driving Business Agility With Data Center Solutions & Services

Data Center Solutions ProviderGet assistance in keeping your data center up to the current and future demands of your business. aligning strategy, engineering and migration into an end-to-end solution.

To develop those solutions, more resources are often needed. As a supplier, we offer:

  • Three-year Intel hardware support with next-business-day on-site service.
  • 24×7 help desk service for troubleshooting with a call support facility.
  • Initial set up support and on hands-training.

Intel Data Center Blocks offers a choice to build a workload-optimized system or customize a solution unique to your customers needs. As discussed above, Intel’s Data Center Blocks for Business can help you set up a server that can be used for advanced level application storage and processing in a unique way.

Saitech Inc provides data center solutions that are efficient and agile, intelligent, cost-effective and future ready. We assist in keeping your data center up to the current and future demands of your business… aligning strategy, engineering and migration into an end-to-end solution.

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