Saitech Inc is proud to be an authorized Nvidia-PNY solution value-added reseller.

Nvidia designs graphics processing units for the gaming and professional markets, as well as systems on a chip unit for the mobile computing and automotive market.

Nvidia is a leader for high-end graphics cards for the gaming and professional markets, for GPU, AI, and Deep Learning applications. Saitech Inc is proud to bring Nvidia’s latest GPU technology to the defense and related rugged markets. NVIDIA’s GPU-based products, developed by Saitech Inc Solutions, have been very successful and have already been deployed by our clients. Saitech Inc Solutions is a preferred solution provider of NVIDIA-based products and solutions.

As NVIDIA’s Authorized Quadro Channel Partner since 2002, PNY offers engineering and logistics expertise for NVIDIA® Quadro® based products. Saitech Inc is proud to work with PNY Technologies to deliver their NVIDIA embedded GPU solutions, both Quadro® and Tesla® MXM and GPU-down.

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Saitech Inc is proud to an authorized Toshiba partner reseller for Toshiba family of enterprise drives.

Toshiba Cloud and Enterprise HDDs provide superior quality and reliability for demanding 24/7 server and storage deployments. Data Centers and OEMs consistently depend on Toshiba for cost-efficient enterprise scale capacity with field-proven quality and power-saving, total cost of ownership benefits. Here are some of the drives we are offering to our public and private sector clients.

MG08ADA600E: ToshibaMG08 6TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ADA400E: ToshibaMG08 4TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ADA800E: ToshibaMG08 8TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MD08ADA400E: ToshibaMG08 4TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG04ACA400E: ToshibaMG04 4TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG04ACA200E: ToshibaMG04 2TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG06ACA10TE: ToshibaMG06 10TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG06ACA800E: ToshibaMG06 8TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG06ACA600E: ToshibaMG06 6TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG07ACA14TE: ToshibaMG07 14TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG07ACA12TE: ToshibaMG07 12TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ACA16TE: ToshibaMG08 16TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ACA14TE: ToshibaMG08 14TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG09ACA18TE: ToshibaMG09 18TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MD04ACA600: Toshiba6TB SATA 7.2K 512N 3.5″ Surveillance
HDWL110UZSVA: Toshiba1TB SATA 5.4K 512E 2.5″ 7MM
MQ04ABB400: Toshiba4TB SATA 5.4K 512E 2.5″ 15MM
HDWL120UZSVA: Toshiba2TB SATA 5.4K 512E 2.5″ 9.5MM
MG07ACA14TA: ToshibaMG07 14TB SATA 7200 4Kn 3.5″
MG08ACA16TA: ToshibaMG08 16TB SATA 7200 4Kn 3.5″

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MG09ACA18TE 18TB – Toshiba 7200RPM 512e 3.5″ SATA

Saitech Inc is proud to be a Teac authorized partner reseller in the United States. We offer a wide variety of Teac Optical drives that have diverse applications in the commercial, aeronautics, and defense industry. Teac is a world-renowned manufacturer for its high-end, enterprise, and military-grade data storage and data accessing solutions.

TEAC remains the trusted choice for Optical Disc Drive (ODD) products, with applications and industries including Medical, Aerospace, Automation, Defense, Enterprise Computing, Gaming, Semiconductor, etc. Industrial OEM, Contract manufacturers depend on TEAC’s unique value proposition for CD, DVD, and BluRay drives in all types of form factors including Slimline, Desktop, Tray load, and Slot load.

Here are some Teac Solutions that Saitech has successfully implemented for our government clients.

DV-W5600S:  Half Height DVD, CD Recorder Desktop DVD -RW

Teac Optical Drives Combo SATA 170mm 41.3mm 146mm

DV-W524GSE: Half Height DVD Super Multi Desktop Drive DVD- RW

DV-518GSC: Half Height DVD ROM Drive DVD-ROM


DV-W28S-F: DVD Super Multi Drive (Slim- Tray)

DV-28S-F: 8x DVD/ 24x CD ROM – DVD- ROM Drive (Read Only Slim)

TEAC DV-28S-WZ3 1977233W-Z3 Slim DVD-ROM 8X 24X CD SATA Optical Drive

DV-W28SS-B:  SATA Slot-Loading DVD Super Multi Drive

BD-W26SSB: Slim Slot-Loading Blu-ray, DVD, CD Recorder

TEAC BD-W26SS-BM3 optical disc drive Internal Blu-Ray RW Black, Silver

DV-W28U: External Portable DVD/CD Super Multi Drive Kit

Disk drive – DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM – 8x/8x/5x – USB 2.0 – external – black

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