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Saitech Inc New Punch-out E-Catalog

Updated on September 21, 2015

Saitech Inc. is now offering a quality Punch-out Catalog also known as a Round Trip Catalog Purchasing System. Our evolving-enterprise-level purchasing system is top notch taking advantage of all the latest web technologies needed to function securely between Saitech Inc. and the our corporate and government end system.

Punchout Integration

Our consistently evolving quality catalog which we are ready to offer to you, is constantly maintained by experienced, in-house Java Development Engineers. There will be 100% uptime of the system in a secure datacenter with zero downtime. This constantly evolving system ensures that you will never have an issue of compatibility should your software have an update or change.

Catalog is kept current by having a real time updates with Real-time inventory (RTI), availability, pricing, and product description updates. It has well over 50K real time product inventory listings from diverse manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, APC, Cisco, Kingston, LG, Intel, LSI, Matrox, Belkin, NEC, D link, Panasonic, Q Logic, Super micro, Seagate, Western Digital, Xerox just to name a few.

Saitech Inc. is authorized to offer the manufacturer’s products to our end customers.
Storefront is engineered to integrate with the government prime Contractors internal ERP end system. Our development team has experience in integrating, but is not limited to the following systems:
• Ariba
• Exostar
• Perfect Commerce
• Oracle
The development is not limited to those systems due to experience in related web technologies involving communication between enterprise systems such as XML, cXML, SOAP, REST, and basic POST requests.

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