Supermicro Showcase

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Rackmount Servers

Superior Performance, Efficiency and Time-to-Market for Rapid Adoption

1U Dual Processor

2U Dual Processor

Single Processor


GPU Servers

Best GPU Servers for Modern Data Centers. The Most Comprehensive AI Systems Featuring the Latest Multi-GPU and Interconnect Technologies

8U GPU Lines

4U GPU Lines

2U GPU Lines

1U GPU Lines

Twin Servers

Innovative Multi-node Architectures with Reduced TCO and TCE






Blade Servers

High Performance, Density and Efficiency with Resource Saving Architecture




Storage Servers

Scalable and Flexible NVMe and Hybrid Storage Architectures

All Storage Systems

All-Flash NVMe

Top-Loading Storage

Enterprise-Optimized Storage

X13 Server Solutions

Supermicro’s tried-and-tested Building Block
Solutions approach and industry-leading
first-to-market advantage deliver optimized
systems for the most demanding AI, Cloud,
Storage and 5G/Edge workloads.

AI GPU Solution Portfolio

GPU technology can bring unprecedented performance to a broad spectrum of workloads. Supermicro has built a portfolio of workload-optimized systems for optimal GPU performance and efficiency across this broad spectrum of workloads.

Supermicro H13 and H12 Generation A+ Servers

The Most Comprehensive Portfolio of AMD Processor-Based Systems, now with AMD EPYC 9004 Series and Ryzen 7000 Series Processors, Including Servers, Storage, GPU-Optimized, Blade, and Multi-Node Solutions to Exactly Match System Requirements to Your Workload.

Gold Series AI, ML and HPC

Supermicro Gold Series are our most popular configurations, with proven track records in large-scale deployments by some of our biggest customers. Get complete, installation-ready systems in validated, copy -exact configurations for workloads at any scale and without the need for complex customization or validation.

SuperMicro, a leading server solutions provider, offers a comprehensive range of high-performance options for businesses. SuperMicro stands behind its solutions with a three-year labor and one-year parts warranty, ensuring reliability. SuperMicro’s diverse and innovative server solutions empower businesses to thrive in the digital era. From powerful rackmount and GPU servers to efficient twin and blade architectures, SuperMicro provides the foundation for success in today’s dynamic computing landscape.

Shop across our wide range of  DATA STORAGE PRODUCTS. We are GSA Schedule Contract Holder. Supermicro products are approved on Saitech’s Contract Number GS-35F-287GA. We are an authorized dealer of every product that we sell.