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 Introducing SuperMicro’s Super Server 2027

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Supermicro, has efficiency server technology and innovation is a premier provider of end to end green computing solutions for HPC, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, Hadoop/Big Data and Embedded Systems worldwide. Supermicro’s advanced server Building Block Solutions® offers a vast array of modular, interoperable components for building energy efficient, application optimized, computing solutions. This broad line of products includes servers, blades, GPU systems, workstations, motherboards, chassis, power  supplies, storage technologies, networking solutions,  server management software and SuperRack® cabinets/accessories. Architecture innovations include Twin Architecture, FatTwin™, SuperServer®, SuperBlade®, MicroCloud, Super Storage Bridge Bay (SBB), Double Sided Storage®, Battery Backup Power (BBP®) modules, Universal I/O (UIO) and WIO expansion technology all of  which deliver unrivaled performance and value.The solution dramatically simplifies IT by eliminating the need for storage provisioning and managing volumes, LUNs, file systems, and RAID. The installation and  configuration of takes only few minutes. Additionally, all data services such snapshots and zero-­‐copy clones are configured and managed from the virtualization UI.




• 205W TDP dual CPUs supported

• 24 DIMMs for up to 3TB ECC DDR4-2400MHz memory

• Up to 6 PCI-E 3.0 slots

• 100/40/25G Ethernet, and 100G Intel®

Omni-Path onboard SIOM network options

• Mixed, hot-swappable


, SAS3 and SATA3 drives supported

• SAS3 via Broadcom 3108 (HW RAID) or 3008 (IT Mode)

• All-Flash


optimized models deliver up to 7M IOPS

• Scalable to over 1PB per 4U or 10PB in a 42U rack



Capacity maximized 45/60/90-bay storage systems optimized for software-defined data centers. Supermicro top-loading, capacity-maximized storage server family is ideal for use cases such as data replication, data backup, archive and cold storage, video streaming and surveillance, providing customers with more choices to deploy software-defined data centers. The new 45-bay SuperStorage system comes with the industry’s most flexible design and features tiered storage packing hot, warm and cold storage in one compact 4U box. It’s the only 45-bay storage server supporting hot-swap NVMe SSDs (6 x U.2) for I/O intensive workloads, highest performance CPUs, up to 3TB of DDR4 memory, and a wide range on-board networking options with SIOM cards Right-sized for every data center deployment with short depth (less than 26”), easy-to-deploy 45-bay, mainstream 60-bay and extremely dense 90-bay storage servers.



The Simply Double 2U SuperStorage 

It has twice the number of hot-swap drive bays as 2U industry standard systems, thus offering up to twice the storage capacity and IOPS in the same amount of space. The additional drive bays are arrayed in a patented Riser Bay that is located on the top of the Simply Double systems for easy access and servicing. With twice the storage density, customers can greatly improve the price/performance of their storage deployments to maximize ROI. The Supermicro 2U Simply Double SuperStorage systems are available in server or JBOD models (see page 13) that offer either 2.5” or 3.5” drive bays, and that also support all-flash NVMe or SAS 3.0 SSD/HDDs. Additional value-added features include an additional two rear hot-swap drive bays, 3 PCI-E 3.0 slots, redundant Titanium Level (96%+) high-efficiency power supplies, and support for flexible on-board networking modules. This broad and feature rich product line allows customers to select and customize the perfect solution that is optimized for their specific requirements, from IOPS intensive applications to deployments that require the highest storage capacity.

General-purpose Storage

Supermicro’s high-performance storage servers include everything needed for a rock solid storage foundation. Individual models are designed to meet the demands of the toughest storage environments, from latency sensitive caching applications to the massive capacity needed for large files used in media libraries and Big Data. SuperStorage supports both scale-up and scaleout deployment strategies allowing CPU and storage resources scale to meet diverse application requirements. SuperStorage offers a no compromise storage platform with flexible market entry points from 2U, 3U and 4U form factors using 2.5” and 3.5” HDDs.


Gen Stor

Storage Expansion

A broad range of versatile JBOD solutions for rapid storage expansion and high availability. Top-loading JBOD Expansion 4U 90-Bay JBOD 4U 60-Bay JBOD Expanding storage capacity can be done easily and rapidly, and without any system downtime.


Supermicro offers three classes of JBOD chassis for maximum flexibility:

• Cost Optimized JBOD Chassis

Reliable high-bandwidth architecture supporting SAS3/SATA3 and
featuring integrated single expander.
• High Availability JBOD Chassis
Fully redundant power, fans and expander modules for SAS3/
SATA3 drives provide data protection and minimize downtime.
• Super Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) JBOD Chassis
Optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage
applications, Super SBB features a fully redundant, fault-tolerant




Storage Bridge Bay (SBB)

A broad range of high availability hardware for next generation storage operating systems. Optimized for mission-critical enterprise-level storage applications, Supermicro’s innovative Super SBB family offers a fully redundant fault tolerant architecture with JBOD expansion. Hot-swappable canisters for all active components, redundant high efficiency power supplies, and hot pluggable cooling fans, truly enable non-disruptive operations. Dual processor server modules feature advanced node-to-node connectivity,enabling low-latency fail-over cluster performance. The Dual-ported NVMe models take IOPs performance to unprecedented levels, while the robustSAS3 (12GB/s) models support cascaded configurations with both high bandwidth (x8 SAS) connectivity, and high resiliency with fully isolated SAS domains, required for mission-critical deployments. The Super SBB family products are highly available, highly reliable storage systems perfect for the next generation storage platforms in development by OEMs and startups.






Broad Coverage for Use Cases, Solutions, and Storage Architectures



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