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Saitech Inc. awarded Plantronics headsets fulfillment with US Army MICC

Updated on September 2, 2016

MICC Plantronics logo
Plantronics .355 controls
Plantronics .355

Saitech Inc. awarded with Mission and Installation Contracting Command for supplying their Plantronics headsets.  These headsets are perfect for noise-cancelling and speaking through Skype, Windows Live, & Yahoo Messenger.  Plantronics .Audio 355 also includes 3.5mm adaptor for smartphones and tablet use.  It conveniently inline controls for all your volume adjustments with mute button.  At our expertise in logistics we’ve fulfilled orders across United States and around the globe.  From Alaska, Hawaii, California, Texas, The Carolinas, Pennsylvania, New York, Kansas, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, and all the way to Puerto Rico & Germany.

If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to reach us at or (877) 440-0256.

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