Saitech Inc is Section 889 Compliant

Updated on January 12, 2022

What Federal Contractors Need to Know about Section 889!

Saitech Inc is a GSA approved government contractor for Information and Technology products.

Our product compliance and quality team ensures that we do not offer or sell any items that are prohibited by the US Government.

Section 889(a) (1)(A)

The government cannot procure or obtain products that use the prohibited covered technology as a substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system.

What is Considered Prohibited Technology?

Covered technology prohibited under Section 889 includes telecommunication equipment and services produced by Huawei, ZTE Corporation, or any subsidiary/affiliate of either of these entities. In addition, covered technology includes video surveillance and telecommunication equipment and services produced Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, Dahua Technology Company, or any of their subsidiaries/affiliates. The statute also allows for the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence or the Director of the FBI, to add to this list.

Contractors should be aware that Section 889 does not have an exemption for commercial item contracting, and that the prohibition applies to all purchases regardless of the size of the contract or order (including purchases below the Micro-purchase and Simplified Acquisition Thresholds).

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