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Saitech Inc. & Microsemi maintenance support contract awarded with NAVSEA Dahlgren’s SyncServers

Updated on July 13, 2016

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Saitech Inc. fulfilled a maintenance support contract with NAVSEA in Dahlgren, Virginia.  This extended warranty covers their Microsemi SyncServer S300 for 2 additional years.  The warranty will cover repair of the SyncServer S300 when needed.  The SyncServer S300 is a high performance enhanced security enterprise class GPS Network Time Server.  The S300 is very reliable and combines multi-port network interfaces with multiple time reference technology and enhanced security protocols. TACACS+, RADIUS, SSL, Autokey, MD5, passwords, access control lists and more are standard for maximum security.  The front panel is easily accessible to your network engineers to readily identify DHCP with a few keystrokes.  Redundancy is accomplished with the built in modem for connecting to national time authorities for legal time.  Also relying on the atomic clocks aboard the GPS satellite system.

For any questions regarding the sales of Microsemi products feel free to contact Saitech Inc. at

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