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Saitech Inc Offering Seagate’s New 20 Tb Hard Drive for Data Centers!

Updated on February 16, 2022

Saitech Inc is now offering Seagate’s new Exos X20 which comes with a massive 20 TB of storage capacity and is designed to maximize rack efficiency, pushing down data center running costs. The new drive comes in two interfaces – SATA 6 Gb/s and 12 Gb/s SAS – and is available from us in a variety of fast formats.

Seagate's New 20 Tb Hard Enterprise DriveResponsive and innovative

The new Seagate HD X20 drive is built on the brand’s tried-and-tested manufacturing platform which has shipped millions of storage devices worldwide to date. The company says that the new drive is part of its campaign to provide solutions for leading cloud service providers.

The Seagate 20 TB drive offers the highest efficiency in terms of rack space of any product on the market. The enormous 20 TB single-drive capacity is virtually unprecedented in the storage world, offering what Seagate calls, “market-leading capacity.”


Aside from the enormous size of the storage drive, Seagate is also promising exceptional reliability. The brand is claiming that the device can handle 550 TB/year of data transfer, and will operate to 2.5M-hr MTBF, making it suitable for even the most intense data center operations.

Custom power options

Custom power options are also native to the product, owing to Seagate’s PowerBalance™ and PowerChoice™ technologies. These allow users to optimize the power consumption of the drives, even when idle, reducing data center running costs.

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For a conventional HDD, data transfer speeds are also high. Seagate is quoting 285 MB/s for the new device, a bump in performance which, it says, doesn’t compromise on capacity.

Advanced security features

Lastly, Seagate builds AES-256 hardware encryption and password protection into the device itself, using its Seagate Secure™ technology available on other models. Therefore, new storage will comply with various data protection laws and corporate policies to protect company and customer data.

Wrapping up

The X20 drive is designed for extreme data center scalability, allowing firms to massively ramp up capacity, without having to increase their overall installation size. Seagate believes that the new product will allow firms to avoid additional costs associated with growing their data storage capacity, despite higher upfront prices for the drive compared to standard 10TB or 5TB offerings.

Currently, Saitech has a Exos Enterprise 20TB drive ready for evaluation directly from Seagate.

Saitech Inc. is an authorized Seagate Silver Partner Reseller

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