SKILCRAFT products under the AbilityOne Program

Saitech is Supplying SKILCRAFT products under the AbilityOne Program!

Updated on July 29, 2022

Have you been looking for an innovative and value-added supplier of information technology, software, hardware, and supply chain services for supporting cloud management and someone for data center management? If so, then Saitech is the first and foremost name that comes to your mind. We are here to offer a complete solution to all IT acquisitions by offering multi-vendor hardware and software with major pre-sale and post-sale services.

Right now, we have been the official dealer and supplier of SKILCRAFT products under the AbilityOne Program! So, whether you are looking for office supplies or janitorial and cleaning supplies, we are ready to help you with the same.

Working on Office Supplies:

SKILCRAFT is known to have all the essential office stationeries you need. Right from binders to clipboards, paper and envelopes to even some storage solutions, furniture, and more, SKILCRAFT has it all. Whether you are planning to decorate your main office or your home office environment, SKILCRAFT has everything under one platform. Right now, we at Saitech will supply the best SKILCRAFT office supplies as per your needs.

Cleaning Supplies:

SKILCRAFT has cleaning and janitorial supplies to help keep the facilities clean. Whether you are looking for specialty cleaners, wipers, or basic mops and brooms, this company has it all. And right now, our team from Saitech will supply the same to your given address!

Hardware & Paints:

SKILCRAFT is more than happy to have introduced products under the hardware section. Right from tools to painting needs, it has everything covered. It does not matter how big or small the job is, or if it is for inside or outside work, SKILCRAFT has all that you need to get the job done right.

Personal Care Items:

Saitech is also here to supply and distribute personal care items from the house of SKILCRAFT. Here, you will receive hand cleaning Towelettes, dental care items, soaps, and dispensers to match your hygiene.

There are so many new products from SKILCRAFT under the AbilityOne program to venture into. Visit our official website to learn about the program in detail.

Dealing With the Authorized Federal Program:

The AbilityOne program is primarily an affiliated federal procurement program to generate jobs for individuals who are blind or might suffer from any significant disability through manufacturing products or services needed by federal personnel. Federal customers must use products and services from the AbilityOne Procurement List.

Right now, the items from SKILCRAFT have been incorporated into the AbilityOne program to give out a try. Our team from Saitech will take care of the distribution and supply needs right away!

AbilityOne Program

Celebrating Disability Pride Month:

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