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Saitech successfully implements Quantum Data Center Hardware & Software Support Services Project for VTA Santa Clara

Updated on October 7, 2021


Saitech Inc fulfilled Quantum Data Center product & services to prevent Data security threats, and Ransomware attacks. Successful ransomware attacks can take several days or even months to fully recover, especially true when targeted campaigns wipe out clusters of servers – there is no remedy, except to rebuild. Quantum has solutions for protecting and recovering your data from any point in your data’s lifecycle.

This contract was valued at more than $ 225K and provide immense cost and technology savings to support Santa Clara VTA with world-class data center, data back up and security operations.

It’s not only about managing data. It’s about making sure you can extract value from it to gain a competitive edge. Between 80-90% of data collected today is unstructured. Locked inside these video and audio files, photos, security camera footage, sensor data, scientific data, and satellite imagery is a wealth of information that holds the key to informed decision-making.

The DXi6900 and DXi6900-S serve as the core of multi-site enterprise data protection solutions. The DXi6900-S provides industry-best density and delivers ultra-fast performance by leveraging SSDs for metadata operations. Both models use variable-length deduplication to maximize data reduction and offer unique capacity-on-demand scalability.

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A powerful and ultra-dense disk backup solution leveraging patented variable-length deduplication, the world’s most powerful file system—StorNext 5—and a combination of SSD and 8TB self-encrypting drives for enterprise-wide protection.

The DXi6900-S is a high-performance deduplication solution with the power, scale, flexibility, and value to anchor an enterprise wide backup, disaster recovery (DR), and data protection strategy. The DXi6900-S combines the speed of Solid State Disks to accelerate metadata operations, with the high density and low power consumption of 8TB self-encrypting drives (SEDs). It delivers the broadest scale with the smallest footprint, minimizing operational expense and maximizing value and rates of return. The DXi6900-S can scale from 34TB to 544TB of usable capacity, in only 18U of rack space, allowing customers the flexibility to grow using capacity-on-demand licensing, while saving space and cutting costs in their data center. Built on Quantum’s DXi® software, the DXi6900-S provides up to 37TB/hour performance and includes the following software licenses in its base price: NAS, VTL, OST, deduplication, replication, path-to-tape (PTT) and DXi Accent™ software for hybrid deduplication. To integrate shortterm protection and long-term retention, the DXi6900-S features an integrated path-to-tape for both VTL and OST presentations, providing a direct link to physical tape libraries (creating offline copies) that bypasses the backup server but is fully integrated into leading backup applications’ management interface and media catalogs; therefore, offering an easy way to protect backup data against ransomware and self-replicating viruses.

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The DXi6900-S is a high-performance deduplication solution with the power, scale, flexibility, and value to anchor an enterprise wide backup, and disaster recovery. — shop here for Quantum offerings

Quantum allows you to focus on growing your business, not on managing your data. With the security of onsite data and the ease of the cloud, our software, subscriptions, and services help to power your data infrastructure. You no longer must choose how much of your valuable data to save—our edge-to-core-to-cloud solutions are designed with smart economics in mind. And, since we build in security at the foundation of our data solutions, you never have to sacrifice flexibility for data safety.

Quantum Storage Care Bronze Support Plan Zone 1 – 1 Year Extended Service (Renewal) – Service 9 x 5 Next Business Day – On-site – Maintenance – Parts & Labor – Physical: SDY69-RR0B-CB11

Saitech Inc is an authorized Quantum partner service provider.


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