Saitech Inc. has been awarded the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) by the California Department of General Services. This prestigious contract, falling under the information technology goods and services category, positions Saitech Inc. as a trusted partner for government agencies and state departments seeking top-notch IT products and services.

Key Contract Details:

  • CMAS Contract No: 3-23-11-1044
  • CMAS Contract Term: November 17, 2023, through January 19, 2027

The CMAS contract awarded to Saitech Inc. encompasses a wide range of IT goods and services, offering a comprehensive solution for government entities. The contract includes provisions for the acquisition of high-performing Servers, Workstations, Notebooks, Desktops, Tablets, Chromebooks, Networking equipment, Networking systems, and Office equipment, including printers and scanners.
Additionally, the contract covers the purchase, warranty, and installation of hardware and hardware maintenance, software and software maintenance, electronic commerce, and cloud computing services.

Certifications and Approvals:

Saitech Inc. stands out as a distinguished CMAS contractor with its ISO 9001:2015 certification, signifying a commitment to quality and excellence. Additionally, the company holds certification as a small and minority business enterprise by the State of California and the California Public Utilities Commission.

Base Schedule Holder: Dell Federal Systems L.P.

Dell Federal Systems L.P. as the base schedule holder ensures Saitech Inc.’s access to a wide range of high-performance IT solutions.

Benefits of the CMAS Contract:

Government agencies and state departments gain several advantages through the CMAS contract with Saitech Inc. These include:

  • Streamlined Procurement: The CMAS contract streamlines the procurement process, providing a quick and efficient mechanism for acquiring IT products and services.
  • Efficient Turnaround: Saitech Inc., as a CMAS contractor, is committed to ensuring an efficient turnaround, facilitating prompt delivery of Information Technology solutions.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: The contract offers cost-effective options for government entities, supporting budget-conscious procurement without compromising on quality.

Saitech Inc.’s achievement in securing the CMAS contract underscores its commitment to delivering top-tier IT solutions to government agencies and state departments. With a focus on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Saitech Inc. is playing a pivotal role in advancing information technology capabilities across the United States.

In an era where digital threats loom large, safeguarding your business and sensitive data is non-negotiable. At Saitech Inc., we understand the vital importance of cyber security, and we’re here to be your partner in strengthening your digital defenses. Explore a world of comprehensive solutions from trusted brands that cover all aspects of cyber security.

Cisco: Unrivaled Network Security

Cisco is a household name in the world of IT, and their cyber security solutions are no exception. From routing and switching to IP communications and wireless LAN, Cisco covers all aspects of network security. Saitech Inc. offers Cisco’s security software solutions, providing complete virus protection and internet security for your business.

Trend Micro: Complete Protection, Always

Trend Micro is synonymous with comprehensive cyber security. Saitech Inc. offers Trend Micro’s range of anti-virus, Internet content security software, and appliance-based management solutions. Whether you’re safeguarding corporate computer systems, personal computers, or mobile devices, Trend Micro provides robust protection.

Juniper Networks: Powering Secure Connectivity

Juniper Networks offers routing platforms, Session Border Controllers, secure data center acceleration, WAN acceleration, and network and endpoint security solutions. Saitech Inc.’s partnership with Juniper Networks ensures your network remains resilient and secure in the face of modern threats.

Dell: Protection Beyond Boundaries

Dell brings network security, secure remote access, web and email security, continuous data protection, and policy and management solutions to the table. Saitech Inc.’s partnership with Dell ensures your business stays protected even beyond its physical boundaries.

Symantec: Safeguarding Communications

Symantec specializes in email security, encryption, and management, as well as endpoint security and IM security. With Saitech Inc., your business communications remain secure and your data encrypted.

Veeam: Ensuring Data Resilience

Veeam develops backup, disaster recovery, and virtualization management software designed for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments. Saitech Inc.’s partnership with Veeam ensures your data remains resilient and always accessible.

Check Point: Gen V Cyber Security

Check Point delivers consolidated Gen V cyber security across networks, cloud, and mobile environments. Saitech Inc. offers Check Point’s solutions, ensuring your business is protected across all digital frontiers.

Saitech Inc.’s cyber security solutions are designed to keep your business secure in an increasingly digital world. Whether you need protection for your devices, networks, data centers, or cloud environments, our partnerships with leading brands guarantee you the highest level of security.

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Leading Brands, One Solution:

Saitech Inc. is your gateway to a diverse range of IT solutions, including printing and scanning solutions. We proudly resell products from renowned brands like Xerox, HP, Fujitsu, Brother, Epson, Zebra Technologies, and Lexmark. This means you have access to world-class printing and scanning solutions, all under one roof.

Xerox: Unmatched Printing Excellence

Xerox is synonymous with quality and innovation in document management. Our partnership with Xerox allows us to offer an extensive range of color and black-and-white printers, multifunction systems, photocopiers, digital production equipment, and related consulting services and supplies. Count on Xerox for excellence in printing.

HP: World-Class Technology

HP is a global leader in technology solutions, and Saitech Inc. is proud to offer their world-class printing solutions. But we don’t stop at printers. HP’s rugged, reliable computers, servers, and workstations are also available through Saitech Inc., providing you with a complete technology package.

Fujitsu: Scanning and Printing Precision

Fujitsu is known for its world-class scanners and printers. When it comes to document clarity and precision, Fujitsu delivers it all. With Saitech Inc., you can access Fujitsu’s top-tier scanning and printing solutions, ensuring your documents are of the highest quality.

Brother, Epson, Zebra Technologies, Lexmark: Versatile Choices

Our product lineup extends beyond printing and scanning. Saitech Inc. offers a diverse range of products from Brother, Epson, Zebra Technologies, and Lexmark. From printers, all-in-ones, scanners & fax machines to labeling systems and industrial garment printers, we have the tools your business needs.

Beyond Printing and Scanning:

While printing and scanning are at the heart of document management, Saitech Inc. goes beyond. We provide solutions tailored for network environments, on-demand printing solutions for business efficiency and security applications.

Saitech Inc. is your one-stop shop for IT solutions that drive business efficiency and innovation. Whether you need top-notch printing and scanning solutions or a wide range of IT products, our partnership with leading brands ensures you have access to the best technology.

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