Buy MBE Day helps generate awareness, support, and revenue to the millions of minority-owned firms across the country by:

  • Encouraging engagement with MBEs representing companies owned and operated by African Americans and Pacific Islanders, Hasidic Jews, and Native Americans.
  • Motivating individual consumers as well as private and public sector buyers to intentionally show their commitment to minority businesses by shopping with them in person and/or online.
  • Demonstrating appreciation for the contributions ethnic minority entrepreneurs make to their local economies.
  • Spotlighting how MBEs improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods.
    Inspiring success throughout the MBE community.


Today’s work environment requires a sensitivity to and understanding of the needs of people who are blind or have other significant disabilities. The AbilityOne Program, an affiliated federal procurement program, is one of the largest sources of employment in the United States for this significant group within the overall available workforce. The program provides a valuable resource for workers who might find employment opportunities scarce or difficult to access. The organization operates with assistance from the National Industries for the Blind, SourceAmerica, and American Foundation for the Blind. AbilityOne employs 45,000 people who are blind or have significant disabilities, including 3,000 veterans and wounded warriors. They operate at 1,000 locations representing 40 government agencies in all 50 states and Guam.

The program concentrates specifically on office products and hardware/industrial products categories. AbilityOne products satisfy a wide range within the office and industrial products categories, making it convenient for customers to procure the supplies and products that they need. These products must be sold by AbilityOne authorized distributors, thereby guaranteeing high product quality, while also supplying meaningful employment opportunities to those who need an advocate in their corner to level the playing field.

Saitech Inc. is an authorized distributor of AbilityOne products, such as SkilCRaft office supplies including but not limited to writing instruments, binders, tape, calendars, file storage and more. In addition Saitech provides services in data center and cloud computing solutions, cyber security, IT maintenance and more. Saitech is a prime example of the type of company that is entrusted to distribute AbilityOne products; a company with expertise across a wide spectrum of business needs that can also satisfy necessary supply needs that keep a business functional.

Technology today encompasses a wide range of products and services. To be competitive a company must offer a variety of options to meet the everchanging requirements of its customer base. A company that is an authorized AbilityOne distributor offers peace of mind that products will be high quality and delivered in a timely manner. More significant than that, it provides employment to workers who are blind or have other significant disabilities.

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What Federal Contractors Need to Know about Section 889!

Saitech Inc is a GSA approved government contractor for Information and Technology products.

Our product compliance and quality team ensures that we do not offer or sell any items that are prohibited by the US Government.

Section 889(a) (1)(A)

The government cannot procure or obtain products that use the prohibited covered technology as a substantial or essential component of any system, or as critical technology as part of any system.

What is Considered Prohibited Technology?

Covered technology prohibited under Section 889 includes telecommunication equipment and services produced by Huawei, ZTE Corporation, or any subsidiary/affiliate of either of these entities. In addition, covered technology includes video surveillance and telecommunication equipment and services produced Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, Dahua Technology Company, or any of their subsidiaries/affiliates. The statute also allows for the Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence or the Director of the FBI, to add to this list.

Contractors should be aware that Section 889 does not have an exemption for commercial item contracting, and that the prohibition applies to all purchases regardless of the size of the contract or order (including purchases below the Micro-purchase and Simplified Acquisition Thresholds).


Why Partnering with Saitech Inc, Diverse Supplier Is a Win-Win for your Enterprise

diverse supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a traditionally underrepresented or underserved group. Common classifications are small-business enterprises (SBEs), minority-owned enterprises (MBEs), and women-owned enterprises (WBEs). Over time, the definition of diversity has expanded to businesses owned by other minority groups such as LGBTQ, veterans, and proprietors with disabilities.

A handful of socially conscious major companies have long played a role in addressing racial injustice through supplier diversity programs that promote an inclusive approach to procurement.

Procurement teams have an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their companies’ diversity and inclusion goals by consciously partnering with diverse businesses, defined as any company that is at least 51% owned by persons identifying with underrepresented groups.

·         Supplier Diversity Enables Organizational Agility


Organizational agility remains a top priority for business leaders as they plan for their enterprises’ futures. Successful businesses must be able to respond quickly and efficiently to the unexpected. Partnering with local diverse suppliers can help these leaders drive agility while simultaneously enriching the community.

·         Supplier Diversity Drives Competition and Innovation


A wider supply base made of diverse perspectives not only creates healthy competition but also sparks innovation.

·         Supplier Diversity Builds Trust and Attracts Top Talent


Partnering with diverse suppliers doesn’t just lower costs and drive innovation, it also builds trust with consumers and attracts top talent.  Harvard Business Review cites a Hootology study conducted for Coca-Cola that found that 45% of those who were aware of Coca-Cola’s supplier diversity efforts were more likely to perceive the brand as valuing diversity, and nearly half of respondents were more likely to consume Coca-Cola products.


·         Supplier Diversity Enriches the Enterprise and Local Communities


Enterprises that prioritize supplier diversity set their business up for success while simultaneously enriching the lives of their employees, their supplier partners, their customers, and the greater communities they serve.

Saitech Inc Supplier Diversity team, reach out to Erwin Villanueva