Supply Chain Management


Saitech’s core knowledge is managing your IT finished goods components. When customers submit demand requirements to us, Saitech automatically reserves the required inventory and issues replenishment orders to our suppliers to fulfill new pipeline demands. We offer a wide range of solutions to cost reduction, complexity, and lead times, flexibility and cash flow ease.

Saitech’s Supply Chain Management Solutions include:

Component Kitting

Component Kitting

With years of experience and knowledge, we have the resources to build flexible tailored solutions to our customers

Auto Replenishment

Saitech reserves inventory based on forecast demand and fulfills requirements on released orders (automatically). Auto-Release is a very efficient way to eliminate non-value added activities. Via a replenishment process to our customers



Value Engineering

Our expertise in global sourcing and considerable knowledge of the world market allows us to significantly reduce BOM costs.




Consignment Inventory

Saitech consigned inventory program will reduce materials procurement lead-time and increase IP&E inventory turnover. Saitech will store inventory at the customer site and invoice based on product consumption.

Bonded Inventory (BOND)

Saitech will hold inventory based on an agreed quantity in a dedicated buffer stock.

Third-Party Logistics

Saitech supply chain management programs will easily integrate with the requirements of an agreed third-party logistics provider.