Why Gaming Players Need More Memory?

Updated on July 27, 2022

Memory is a key component of a computer, and you will find that a computer is associated with multiple types of memories. Most computer users are familiar to RAM, also known as Random Access Memory. But, people do not really understand the importance of RAM for running various applications and software. As the name suggests, Random Access Memory can store small amount of data randomly. Every application needs to store data temporarily on RAM for a seamless performance.

Why Is RAM Important for PC Gaming?

RAM stores short-term data so that an application can operate on a computer without any hassles. In other words, RAM memory is volatile. The data stored on the RAM will get erased atomically once the user closes an application. Most gaming applications need to store a high amount of temporary data on RAM to render smooth graphics and gaming performances. As a result, gaming applications demand a high RAM specification.

Data you store in your HDD or SSD is non-volatile, and you can use or access such data anytime. But, RAM works in a different mechanism, and computer users cannot access RAM data easily.  The gaming applications have been programmed to access the RAM and store data temporarily. A high RAM specification is essential for a fast and flawless gaming performance.

Various RAM Technologies

RAM’s Compatibility with Motherboard

Since modern gaming applications seek high RAM specification, people purchase RAM with high storage spaces. However, you need to check the RAM’s compatibility with motherboard and processors. Purchasing wrong RAM modules will not server your purpose of playing computer games. Moreover, it is risky to install incompatible RAM, as it can damage processor and motherboard by developing excessive heat.

Different RAM Modules

The computer gamers should also understand various types of RAM modules. The most advanced RAM module is DDR4, which is compatible with the new generation motherboard and processor. Before DDR4, the DDR3 module was popular among the computer gamers. A computer with 16GB DDR4 RAM can run any type of modern computer games that you can find popular nowadays.

Crucial RAM Specifications

While purchasing RAM, you need to look for two crucial specifications. In the following section, you can find those specifications.

  • Speed: The RAM’s speed is measured by MHz, though the measurement is not similar to the clock speed. A higher RAM speed denotes faster response, and playing games will be smoother affair with such RAM.
  • Capacity: Capacity is the storage space available in a RAM. A higher storage space is recommended for computer gaming.

So, these are the things the PC gamers should know about RAM. You need a RAM with a high speed and storage capacity for a seamless gaming experience.

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