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The Impact of The Internet of Things(IOT) on the Future

Updated on March 16, 2018


The Internet of Things is going to change the world in the coming years and many of us will be surrounded by smart devices and virtual assistants. All of these things will make us more efficient at work and at home. It is estimated to impact different sectors at different levels.

40.2% Business and Manufacturing

30.3% Healthcare

8.3% Retail

7.7% Security

IOT has a variety of smart technology.

Tiny Stuff: Smart Dust

Computers smaller than a grain of sand can be sprayed or injected almost anywhere to measure chemicals in the soil or to diagnose problems in the human body.

 Large Scale Stuff

IOT will be used for systems of  large cities. Mobile sensors that show  any issues in real- time which  will allow the city to act immediately in times of emergency.

New Stuff

Digital Locks

Smartphones can be used to grant access to unlock doors remotely and allow or deny access to individuals.

Smart Buildings

It will allow owners to manage all aspects of the building that impact the business.

Future IOT

IOT devices will be able to collect data on the human body and the possibility to control machines with our minds. We may eventually have connected robots that learn from each other while increasing efficiency and  problem solving.

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* All statistics are according to A Guide to the Internet of Things Infographic  from


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