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Saitech Inc offering Toshiba Data Center Enterprise Grade Drives

Updated on March 9, 2022

Saitech Inc is proud to an authorized Toshiba partner reseller for Toshiba family of enterprise drives.

Toshiba Cloud and Enterprise HDDs provide superior quality and reliability for demanding 24/7 server and storage deployments. Data Centers and OEMs consistently depend on Toshiba for cost-efficient enterprise scale capacity with field-proven quality and power-saving, total cost of ownership benefits. Here are some of the drives we are offering to our public and private sector clients.

MG08ADA600E: ToshibaMG08 6TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ADA400E: ToshibaMG08 4TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ADA800E: ToshibaMG08 8TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MD08ADA400E: ToshibaMG08 4TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG04ACA400E: ToshibaMG04 4TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG04ACA200E: ToshibaMG04 2TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG06ACA10TE: ToshibaMG06 10TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG06ACA800E: ToshibaMG06 8TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG06ACA600E: ToshibaMG06 6TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG07ACA14TE: ToshibaMG07 14TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG07ACA12TE: ToshibaMG07 12TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ACA16TE: ToshibaMG08 16TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG08ACA14TE: ToshibaMG08 14TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MG09ACA18TE: ToshibaMG09 18TB SATA 7200 512E 3.5″
MD04ACA600: Toshiba6TB SATA 7.2K 512N 3.5″ Surveillance
HDWL110UZSVA: Toshiba1TB SATA 5.4K 512E 2.5″ 7MM
MQ04ABB400: Toshiba4TB SATA 5.4K 512E 2.5″ 15MM
HDWL120UZSVA: Toshiba2TB SATA 5.4K 512E 2.5″ 9.5MM
MG07ACA14TA: ToshibaMG07 14TB SATA 7200 4Kn 3.5″
MG08ACA16TA: ToshibaMG08 16TB SATA 7200 4Kn 3.5″
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MG09ACA18TE 18TB – Toshiba 7200RPM 512e 3.5″ SATA

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