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Seagate NAS HDD Leading the Industry

Updated on December 19, 2013

The Seagate NAS HDD seeks to blow away the competition in the NAS HDD marketplace. The NAS HDD boasts a 30% larger capacity over competitors and a industry leading throughput at a maximum of 180MB/s of data transfer rate. They’re offering these hard drives in 4TB, 3TB, and 2TB sizes, that means you can have up to 20TB of storage space in a 5 bay NAS solution.


nas-hdd-overview-2-316x255Seagate boasts that their NASWorks Technology will ensure the lifespan of your hard drive. It implements protective measures such as a dual plane balance that helps reduce vibrations in your multi-hard drive solutions. It also has specialized error recovery controls to ensure the health of your hard drives in RAID arrays. It’s programmed with advanced power management that supports continuous performance while using low power. Average power for each hard drive tops out at 4.8W for the TB and 3TB models and 4.3W for the 2TB model.

Seagate NAS Solutions

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They’ve also done the work for you and by testing their hard drives for compatibility with the Industry’s Top NAS Solution Providers. Among these are Asustor, D-Link, Drobo, Lacie, Lenovo, QNAP, Synology and Thecus. Seagate is ensuring the money you invest in their products has great returns. Seagate also wanted to remind us that they have extended their warranty on hard drives to at least 2-year limited warranty since June 30, 2012. These hard drives specifically have a 3-year warranty.

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