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Western Digital Blue Ultra Slim HDs

Updated on December 19, 2013

The Western Digital Blue Ultra Slim HD’s are one of the thinnest hard drives I have seen. These hard drives are only 5mm thick, that’s a little thicker than three pennies stacked on one another. That’s thin! Western Digital has managed to pack in 500GB of maximum storage capacity in these models. Their 1TB models are only 7mm thick, that’s still slimmer than some of the competing brands. This ultra-slim design is about 35 percent thinner than most popular smartphones and weighs in at just 2.61 ounces, almost as light as a feather! The hard drive is also whisper quiet. By using Western Digital’s noise reducing technologies, the hard drive runs at merely 15 decibels while idle and 17 decibels during seek operations on average, that’s around the noise level of hearing a pin drop from a height of 1 centimeter at meter away from the location.

Western Digital Blue Ultra 5mm design

Western Digital has carrier over enterprise-grade craftsmanship into these Blue Ultra-Slim HDs. They have included high performance Dual Stage Actuators; this technology helps to reduce vibrations and acoustics that are emitted from the computer system and as a result, increase hard drive reliability and adds value by helping protect your investment.

These Ultra Blue hard drives are using new seeking algorithms and advanced power management features developed by Western Digital to improve your battery life and lower your power consumption. Another main feature of these hard drives is the NoTouch Ramp Load Technology. This technology was developed to keep the recording head from touching the disk media. That way, it ensures significantly less wear to the recording head and media and provides an extra measure against damage of the hard drive during transportation.

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Western Digital Power of Choice

Western Digital’s ‘Power of Choice‘ gives you the choice between 4 categories of hard drives to meet your specific needs. If the WD Blue Ultra is not the right choice for you, take a look at the WD Green, WD Black, or WD Red hard drives!

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